who reads comments on blog posts my simple show video herunterladen? for the most part I do not, unless it’s some twitter/instagram fight where the comments are the story. when it comes to work stuff, I look at the post download podcast like. screw the comments.

who looks at favicons? you know those little images on the tabs of the 8,678 tabs you have open on your bowser urkunde vorlage herunterladen? I do. favicons are the shit. I do not know who invented them, but I love them and the inventor.

check out my favicon amazon prime movies location. makes it seem like this is a page on debian. looks like the offical debian favicon. pretty nice, uh…

I took if from this asshole’s page:


the guy’s name is steve kemp from finland download windows isos. you can see him here:


why am I going through the trouble of putting on the blogpost on debian for a guy that seems to have invested pretty hard on the debian project wie kann man bei youtube videos herunterladen kostenlos? excellent question.

use the google machine to search for:

debian exim4 dkim

pretty basic search, if you are a suito-geek (like myself) kodi smart tv. using an incognito window, I came up with this page:


#1 hit on the google machine instagram daten herunterladen löschen. a retired site that the author, aka asshat, has retired but leaves online.

now, if you are curious about signing your outgoing emails using DKIM, seems like a great place to start – with the #1 link from google for debian, exim4, and dkim dateien von dropbox herunterladen.

now, read the comments (which I did not… at least initially) dänisch lernen kostenlos downloaden.

and specifically this one:


and the ones after it, about wishing they had seen that comment 2 hours ago.

2 FREAK’N HOURS AGO. cause asshat, steve kemp, does work for debian, keeps his WRONG retired site up. and opts to not change his incorrect blog post.

screw HIM.

I also lost 2 hours… probably more. I emailed steve. asshat did not even return my email. must be popular in finland.

this page stays up until, steve takes his site down or changes his blogpost on debian exim4 and dkim.